Taking funding to the next level.

Currently, we spend less, as a percentage of gross domestic product, on research and development than in any time since  the end of the second world war. We find it unconscionable that as a nation, we spend ten times of our available resources on the the pursuit of our fellow man rather than investing in the future well-being of everyone.

It is important as a country that we invest in the scientists, doctors, and technologists that are committed in the endeavors to make the future a better place — for everyone.

Our Mission

Humanity and the Earth are going to continue moving forward. Our food, our water, our health, our future —it all relies on funding to make new an innovative ways to make things happen.

Making a change is hard — especially when the government is not taking specific priorities to fund the things that are essential to a substantial future.

In short, the next generation will suffer.

We can start solving this crisis. But we need big ideas, more funding, and bigger solutions. The rebel Financial Foundation works with our government, distributing funds in the form of grants per their peer review process. Our work is moving the commitment of investing in the development of future technologies, knowledge, and generations.

Our Goals

Our approach is simple, yet can make miraculous changes. The rF Foundation is based on achieving these three fundamental elements:

The rebel Financial Foundation was founded concurrently by Phil Ratcliff when he started rebel Financial to raise grant funds and awareness for scientific research, specifically for the NSF & NIH. While the rF Foundation is currently in the start-up phase of being a non-profit, Phil does most of the heavy lifting himself. We are striving to accumulate funding to hire our 1st lobbyist to start the journey.

We are constantly on the lookout for partners to help our mission succeed!










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